Fieke Boekhorst

a piece of my story

Follow your own wisdom

My name is Fieke and together with my family I live in Amsterdam. As a teacher, I give skate- and yoga lessons to childeren. Besides teaching them new tricks, I also inspire them to follow their own wisdom.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the outside world. Many people look for answers, validation or happiness outside of themselves. Often from a believe that we are not good enough.

For me, this is very recognizable. The world often felt unsafe to me. And as a child, I started to make certain conclusions about myself, which led to a feeling of loneliness. I mainly lived in my head, hardly aware of what i truly felt. I wanted to please others and prove myself, so that i could receive recognition and approval. I started to make myself small and adapt, to avoid rejection. More and more disconnected. Combined with certain traumatic experiences was this a good recipe for depression and later burn outs. It were dark periods.

But nothing is only dark or only light. There is always a balance. For example, for me, skating was a huge bright spot in my life. It cleared my mind, challenged me and taught me valuable lessons. The skatepark in Den Bosch where i grew up was my second home. It felt powerful, safe and free there.

To learn to deal with the darkness and light in my life, i had to learn to turn my focus inward. To be present in my body and truly feel what happens when i’m touched, beyond the stories, so that space could be created again. It was no longer about feeling better, but about becoming better at feeling. So that i could follow my own wisdom more and more. I believe that if we as adults do this, then childeren will naturally follow.

My journey continues, and from my own experiences i like to inspire others. With and without my skates.

The simplicity of nature

Follow your natural rhytm

Nature inspires me with its simplicity. It amazes me, holds no judgement; it’s a place that invites you to slow down. It’s also a beautiful mirror for our inner processes. the rhytm of the seasons plays out in us as well. We are nature. And each of us has our own unique rhytm within that. The more you connect with your natural rhytm, the more it can flow.


Being with childeren brings me a lot of joy! They inspire me with their energy, liveliness and creativity. They teach me not to take life too seriously and to let go.

Childeren remind us of our own playfulness, purity and innocence. They show us how important it is to play and laugh (especially as adults!), it makes life bright and is a beautiful medicine. They are also true masters at revealing our own pitfalls. And thus, we learn from each other, always!

Roll through Life

For me, skating is a powerful metaphor for life itself. Life is like a ride on your skates: full of ups and downs, twists and obstacles. There are moments when you pick up speed, find your balance and sometimes take a fall to grow further. Moments of light and darkness, it’s all there. If you can truly embrace this – that life is what it is – you go with the flow. To me, that’s what Roll through Life is about – a mindset of flexibility and acceptance, without resistance. Just like flowing water or rolling on your skates 😉

With this, I love to inspire others, both on and off skates.

– Plato –

“ You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation“