Kids yoga & mindfulness

Exploring your inner world

In both yoga and mindfulness, you become more aware of your body and mind. Yoga mainly focuses on the physical practice, while mindfulness focuses on paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Kids yoga

I see yoga and mindfulness as ways of conscious self-care and attention. When i do certain poses, i feel more energetic or notice more aware how my body feels. It keeps me flexible and strong. I keep my attention as much as possible in the present moment. It’s something that has become more natural, effortless and enjoyable over the years. This adds to a greater sense of inner peace for me.

In kids‘ yoga, childeren learn to follow their own wisdom and it reminds them that they are good just the way they are. It connects them with their bodies. Their wise bodies guide them. This way, they won’t get lost.

My kids‘ yoga classes are filled with beautiful wisdom, often inspired by nature and animals. Every time, a new theme becomes the focus, which the childeren learn about through play. I use a consistent structure so that childeren know what to expect. A session includes a mix of poses, sharing circles and yoga games.
(breathing, concentration, silence games, massage and group activities)

I provide a safe space where childeren feel welcome, seen and heard. By offering that safety, i see childeren blossom at their own pace. It’s so beautiful to witness.

“ What do you want to become later? asked the teacher. It was in the third grade. I looked at her and didn’t know, I thought I already was something.“

Toon Hermans


Clinics, Workshops
€65 per hour

Location: Amsterdam
Max. 10 kids
Age: 5+

Why Kinderyoga?

You can do it Anywhere

You can do yoga anywhere. Both indoors and outdoors. All you need is yourself and a yoga mat. And sometimes, you don’t even need that mat.


Childeren learn to pay attention to their inner experiences. They learn to manage their emotions and thoughts, and how to relax in them.

More Self-Confidence

Through yoga poses, childeren learn to understand and appreciate their bodies. This increases self-confidence.


Kids‘ yoga brings joy! Childeren learn to cooperate, share and treat each other with respect. This helps create a sense of connection with themselves and others.

Better Concentration

Yoga is practiced with attention, which helps childeren improve their concentration. This is very welcome in a world full of distractions.

Flexible & Strong

Yoga makes your body flexible and strong. It makes childeren aware of their body and posture.