Inline Skating

Learn how to skate?

Or perhaps you want to improve specific skate techniques? Or learn how to do stunts on skates? Your level and age don’t matter! Check out my offerings and feel free to reach out. I’d like to discuss the options with you, so you too can roll through life 😉

How it started

My skate journey started in 1994, when i was 8 years old. It started with recreational skating on the streets, in my neighborhood, and soon i was inspired by my brother (Sven Boekhorst, former world champion) to als try doing stunts, nowadays known as roller freestyle skating. And not without success. I became Dutch champion several times in the women’s category, participated in the European X Games in Barcelona at the age of 16, performed in many skate shows, including the spectacular Mind the Gap, skated some marathons in Berlin and I did several video projects for the brand Rollerblade.

Several years ago, I started teaching childeren in Den Bosch how to skate, which made me super excited.Later, when i lived in Amsterdam I attented the international training ICP (inline certification program) to become a skate instructor. Although at first I felt some resistance to this, breaking down certain techniques into small steps and becoming more aware was incredibly instructive. I find joy in sharing my passion with others. The childeren are often very enthusiastic! Creating a safe environment that empowers people, making growth and enjoyment possible, is something I find very important. After all, everyone learns in their own unique way and I adjust my approach to make sure you get the guidance that’s just right for you!


Group lessons

Location: Amsterdam
Max. 8 kids
Age: 5+
Sundays, 9:00 – 10:00

Private lesson
€35 per hour

Location: Amsterdam
2 persons €50
Age: 3+
Skate rental: €5

Clinics, Workshops
€70 per hour

Location: Amsterdam
Max. 8 kids
Age: 5+
Skate rental possible

Why inline skating?

You can do it Anywhere

Skating = Freedom. You can do it anywhere, wether it’s outside in the fresh air or inside in a super cool skatepark!

Relative Cheap Sport

Skating is pretty cheap compared to other sports. All you really need is a good pair of skates.

Full Body Low impact Workout

A fun low-impact sport, great for cardio and strength training, burns calories and improves your balance.

Strong Mindset

Skating teaches you to fall and get back up again. This builds your persistence and self-confidence.

Worldwide Community

The skate scene has a worldwide community where everyone is welcome, regardless of their skill level.

Less Stress & more Happiness

Skating is stress-relieving and brings joy, it brings you into the present moment. Skating can be a moving meditation.